Felicity Morgan-Rhind

Much Healthier, Much Tastier


Telling stories is my one true love and whether it’s a 30 second commercial or hours of television I apply this simple recipe. Take a bunch of tasty characters, sprinkle them with enthusiasm, let the truth infuse in an artful space, heat gently with scrumptious light, drizzle with sweet tunes and serve with lashings of love.

I came to film directing after stumbling into two early careers. At 17 I played bass in an 80’s all girl kiwi band. My 20’s were spent head cheffing for celebrities around the world. It was a glorious way to spend my youth. But it was at 30 as a ‘mature student’ at the VCA film school in Melbourne that I found my true calling. The magic of dreaming an idea, collaborating with a team and then watching an audience enjoy it on the big screen rocked my boat. I was hooked and left film school dreaming of the day I could write and direct as easily as I could cook dinner for 500! I knew I was in for a challenge that would last my life time. 20 years later and I’m still working on this. Some days are more fluid than others, and every day is a learning curve. Yes I’ve made a bunch of award winning short films, documentary’s and TV commercials but whether they’re award worthy - or not - I’ve lost sleep over every single frame.

I’m deeply interested in people and although some of my work reflects the issues of the day, some is purely entertaining. Above all I hope that my work has the power to move, inspire and entertain my audience.