Selina Miles

Selina is a Director/DOP who began her career as a visualist; obsessed with colourful, in-your-face camera tricks, quick cuts, vertigo-inducing moves and always hell-bent on bending time and space. Born from a youth spent surrounded by graffiti artists, she still loves this kind of filmmaking and her ongoing relationship with the graffiti and street art community worldwide has afforded her incredible opportunities to travel the world.

After studying a Bachelor of Multimedia Design at the University of Queensland, she went on to direct a series of videos for ARIA award-winning band The Hilltop Hoods. It included SHREDDING THE BALLOON and a winner of a silver ACS award in 2012. Her self-produced hyper-lapse videos featuring artist Sofles gained over 10 million views on YouTube with the second in the series LIMITLESS.

2016 saw Selina progress into the documentary field, self-producing a series of films on Vimeo entitled PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST. This led to the creation of THE WANDERERS, a 6 x 10-minute documentary series that premiered on ABC iView in 2017 and went on to achieve distribution in both America and Europe.

At home behind or beside the camera, she continues to bring her visual style to her documentary work whilst chasing the storytelling opportunities that lie within.