It all began in 2006 when Stefan packed his camera, headed to the USA, bought an ice cream truck and drove to all fifty states to make a travel documentary. No lie. This adventure set him on his way to directing films all over the world capturing beautiful stories, making new friends and entering rookie dance competitions.  

But none of this really defines why he does it, and the why is important to Stefan. You see, he believes that creativity and social impact should not be mutually exclusive and his colorful work consistently reflects this. Often narrating through the eyes of a child, his films are naive yet poignant and a reminder that we were all once children. 

Stefan has gone on to collaborate with the biggest global brands, directing multi award winning documentaries, commercials, music videos and TV series. And through it all there will always be one sentiment. To inspire change through creativity. 

In 2017 Stefan launched his most ambitious creative endeavor titled ‘We’re All Going To Die’. This consisted of a published book, short film and sold out multimedia art festivals in Sydney, Auckland, and Byron Bay. The project aims to empower an audience to ‘fear less and live more’ through humour, colour and death.  


Best Film ‘I Lost My Dream’ (DC Adventure FF)

Best Short Doco ‘I Lost My Dream’ (Sydney Indie Film FF)

Winner of Audience Choice Award ‘Surfing 50 States’ (Telluride Mountain Film)

Best Documentary ‘Somewhere Near Tapachula’ (NFFTY Film Festival)

Founder of sold out multimedia art festival ‘We’re All Going To Die’ (2017)

Author / Illustrator of book ‘We’re All Going To Die’